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Once your beer is open it is time for a Poker Party for you and your friends!

WOW! That is the coolest bottle opener ever!

That’s what people say when they see you using this amazing new device.

There are clever gadgets and then there’s this, quite simply one of the cleverest gadgets we’ve ever seen. Sure you can open a bottle with a regular bottle opener or even with your hand, but you never draw a crowd of onlookers like you do with this.

Once people see this opener, they want to try it. Over and over and over.

  • Amaze your friends: order one now.
  • Make new friends: order several!
  • Makes a great promotional gift: need a promotional item that won’t collect dust? You found it. Buy more and save!
  • Social Networking everyone is talking about it!

How to open a bottle in three simple steps:

  1. Place opener over the neck of your bottle
  2. Give opener a quick downward stroke
  3. Drink

Stop chasing bottle caps across the floor!
The opener even has a magnet on the bottom of the opener. Is this the most amazing invention ever, or what?


MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We want you to be happy with your opener.

IMPRINT WITH YOUR LOGO: What a great way to promote your business! We’ll print your logo on the bottle opener. Call for pricing.

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  • This thing is fantastic. I can’t stop using it.
  • When people come in my bar and see it, they ask if they can try it. I say ‘no problem, just buy a beer and have at it!’
  • I never thought I’d be looking for an excuse to open another bottle!
  • I gave up canned beers once I got this.
  • Don’t leave it lying around because somebody’s apt to ‘borrow’ it.
  • This is one hell of a useful gadget.
  • This thing is downright fun. Show it to a bunch of guys, and watch ‘em fight over it, like boys wanting to get their hands on a new toy.
  • No beer drinker should be without one of these openers.

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